Monday, September 8, 2014

Winds of change.

So it has been a very long time since I have been in here. Busy summer and kind of actually forgot about this. But this last week made me remember this and figured I would try it again.

There have been a lot of changes this last week in my life. When it rains, it pours. And that is exactly what happened. Many things went wrong last week and there wasn't anyone to blame except me. It takes losing things to realize that you have messed up. From resigning my position, to losing a lot of money, to losing someone that would have done anything for me and I cared for more than anything.

I worried about money and what other people thought, more than what I really wanted. It's something I will regret for a long time. It took losing all that for me to realize what I have been doing wrong. Now all I can do is try to move forward and trust everything will work itself out. Try to change how I think and not listen to what other people say should happen. In the end, just take care of me and my happiness. If only I did it before, it would all still be here.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Boston Strong

So it definitely has been a long time, but today seemed to be the perfect day to write. Today was Patriot's Day and the Boston Marathon. I wanted to be part of this huge event and decided I would go for the first time.
I walked through the Commons and the Garden on my way to Boylston St. People were everywhere and were so happy of the day. All the Boston Strong shirts and hats, Red Sox gear everywhere. It was showing how strong Boston Strong actually means. People were not going to be scared and back down. They came out in full force to show their support for the 36,000 runners who were all running for a cause.
As I found my way through the crowd, I set up my spot at the finish line. Not realizing where I was standing was the exact location of the first bomb of last year. No one was intimidated of being there. People being proud to be from Boston and representing their city. Cheering for everything. The electricity flowed through the air and the race had barely even started. Little did I know I was standing right next to the Governor for a period of time. He was shorter than I anticipated hence why I didn't know that was him haha.
As the first wave of racers came through, the wheel chair racers, it was just a privilege of being there. Watching them finish one after another. Meanwhile keeping an eye on the two leaders of the women's and men's elite group, both Americans. As the women got closer, the American was off the pace, but that didn't stop the crowd from showing their support for the leader. The crowds got louder and louder, cheering for everyone. Then the men got closer. And Meb, an American was leading by almost a minute. All of a sudden it was down to 6 seconds. The crowd was going insane for Meb to be the first American to win in over 30 years. As he was finishing the chants of U-S-A was being screamed by everyone.  As the national anthem was being played, tears were flowing by many. It seemed like the perfect ending.
It was such an honor to be part of this event, and to be in the location I was in. Watching runners help one another cross the finish line who were struggling was a very touching sight. I definitely got the experience I was looking for. I congratulate each and everyone of those 36,000 people who finished. They proved the Boston Strong philosophy exists and isn't just a phrase.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Spring Forward!

Well well well. I disappeared for a while. I feel its because for one, being gone from my apartment for 14 hours a day and just not having time, and two, winter has just made me not so creative lately. Winter just needs to go away. I'm ready for beach season and flip flops. But I can see it coming on the horizon.......eventually.

I've jumped on a new meal plan. And even though its only been a week, I feel better, starting to look better, have more energy and can't wait to see the results. I eat a hell of a lot of food but it is so worth it. Although my bank account may not agree. I'm gonna look sexy out there this summer! (Hopefully) giving up Reese's peanut butter cups have been awful. If I miss one thing of eating unhealthy, it is those.

My first half marathon is in 11 weeks. Little nervous of course since I have never ran one. Hell I've never ran a 5k. But, go big or go home. It will be nice to have some GTR teammates running as well.

I'm hoping that once the weather warms up I'll get more creative. But for now I'll leave you with this:

When a clock is hungry, does it go back four seconds?

Friday, January 24, 2014

A New Year

It has been quite some time since I have made an appearance on here. Life is busy with 2 jobs and I'm pretty lame by being in bed every night around 9. Old age is finally catching up with me.....ugh.

This year I need some new challenges. A half marathon is on that list, another Ragnar, and as time goes on there will be more, maybe a Spartan or Tough Mudder. I have to keep my youth as I get older!! It's a lot of work to look this good.

I need to make some new things happen this year. Some changes for the better.

Have had some very interesting clients. From corporate accountants to CEOs to a girl who rides horses to a woman from France who just wants to move and talk to someone to a Hungarian water polo player to an elderly man from Germany who was in a concentration camp. It's great to meet and work with so many different types of people. Health is the one thing that everyone has in common. All trying to find a way to be happy. Makes my life happier knowing I am helping them feel better and improve their lives. Wouldn't change it for the world. Little do they know, they are motivating me as well to do better in my life.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Christmas time is here....

Now I bet you read that and sang it in your head from the Charlie Brown Christmas. Well that was the plan and if not you are lame and had no childhood. Just Kidding! 

Growing up in a small town, Christmas time was great for driving around and looking at all the houses that are decorated up with lights and such. Everyone seemed to have something up and always try to out do each other. Some were amazing looking, and others were just plain tacky! But it was so nice to see and notice that it was Christmas time. Living in Boston, totally opposite. I may have seen one house decorated up. That was last night while on the T. It just didn't seem like Christmas here. Unless you go into the malls or stores that have had Christmas music and decorations up since 2 weeks before Halloween. But here it feels like it is all commercial. I feel there is no holiday spirit at home. Now I haven't been to the suburbs so I don't know what it is like out there, but everywhere I have been it looks just like another day. Even at my apartment. No tree, no decorations. All my stuff is back in storage in NY or it would be up. My roommates have stuff and said there is no need to put it up! WTF!?

There is even a lack of the Salvation Army people ringing the bells. It seemed they were everywhere in NY, but here, I have only seen one! Besides the Au pair staff, I haven't seen one person wearing an ugly Christmas sweater either! Everyone here wears their black winter coat and black hat. Or if you are early in the morning, all the union workers with their work clothes. Even seeing the company holiday parties, no one wearing anything Christmasy. I feel besides the whole shopping experience, there is no Christmas spirit anymore here. Now I know that its all about being with family and such, but come on people! Where is the spirit out in public? Not even one person wearing a Santa hat!! Even the Salvation Army guy wasn't wearing one! Lame sauce

There needs to be more of the Christmas Spirit besides how much money one will spend at the stores or what sale a store is giving. Maybe it is just the city life compared to the small town life, and people are afraid of being judged by looking goofy and not fitting in the norm. But to me, it is very depressing not seeing Christmas out and about. Take out your damn head phones, and put your kindle away, and say hi or Merry Christmas to someone! Oh wait it has to be Happy Holidays because someone might get offended. F that.......bring the spirit back!!!

What will you do to bring that Spirit back??

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

It's Holiday Season Again

It's that time of year again. Where people line up for hours on end in hopes of getting those great deals. Every store has some kind of crazy deal going on, so let the fighting and arguing begin! God forbid someone takes the last PS4 and your kid doesn't get one right away. Here is an idea, get your kid something to do OUTSIDE! I for one, will not be attending Black Friday. But that is because I don't like people. If you saw me in my car during Boston rush hour, you would understand.

Yes the holiday season is great and joyful, and you spend time with family. But the holiday season should start around Thanksgiving time, not 2 weeks before fucking Halloween! Radio stations were already playing 24 hours of Christmas music then! Why is it so commercial now?! Why does Christmas have to do do with the best store deals, or who can decorate their store first for Christmas, Walmart and Rite-Aid? I remember one year, ran out of candy on Halloween and went into Walmart at 7:30om to get more, and the entire Halloween aisle was replaced with Christmas decorations!! Now it is even early. Apparently Thanksgiving doesn't exist anymore for some reason.

Thanksgiving is great. It's a day where I can sat and watch the Macy's Parade, watch the numerous football games,  feed my face full of food, nap, and then repeat. And leftovers for days! Who doesn't like a turkey, gravy, stuffing, and cranberry sauce sandwich the day after? If you don't, I probably won't like you.

I picture Black Friday as a bunch of zombies on crack, because people don't sleep just to get a frickin deal on a toy. Speaking of zombies, that's how I feel the T here is like. As you know I people watch and judge like crazy (at least I admit I'm a jerk). Its quite entertaining watch people when the train shows up. Hundreds of people standing quietly with their headphones in, not looking at other people for afraid of conversation, and as the train pulls up, everyone walks slowly right up to the door and surrounds the train to be able to sit, no care about the zombies trying to get out of the train. By the way, I try to leave an ear piece out and I look at someone and walk towards them to make them think I want to ask them something. It's very funny watching them get uncomfortable and try to hide under their iPhone. I just walk by and laugh. It's a fun game for me haha. Told you I'm a jerk.

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving and enjoy some great food and family time. I leave you with this:

How do you get a sweet little 80 year old lady to say the F word?
Have another sweet little 80 year old lady say "BINGO"

Sunday, November 3, 2013

This is our f%&#@*$g city!

The last week has been crazy in Boston. The Red Sox won the world series!! It was great to be in a place where the team won the championship. The city was a buzz for the whole week and still is! Boston pride is absolutely amazing. Its too bad I can't stand the rest of the Boston teams to actually care if they win. But at least I love the Sox!

I watched every game but 2, and they lost those 2. So guess I was the good luck charm for them. When game 6 was starting, I was on the T, green line and we all know how much we love the green line.......sigh.....I made it to Fenway area go be right in the middle of it all if they won. My friends got in the only bar that was letting people in. Just so happens it was a gay bar. But not a gay person to be found. Full of crazy Sox fans who found it randomly. And a bunch of crazy hardcore punk rockers dressed in black, metal, and crazy hair and piercings. I waited outside to hopefully get in. Listening to the fans in the stadium and watching the Boston PD showing up in force. Boylston was crazy. 1000s of police and armed national guards. Up 6-0, you knew what was coming.

Finally got in during the 5th, and just couldn't wait for that last out, we all know how the Sox can stress us out. Love them, but sometimes can drive me nuts! Koji struck out the last guy and to the streets we went. Barricades and police and 1000s of people every where celebrating. Everyone happy. Its like we actually won it! Like Papi says "this is our f-ing city!", we say "this is our f-ing team!". The celebration continued for hours and hours. Boston PD did a great job in keeping order and herding people like sheep off the streets.

Yesterday was the parade, and millions in attendance. People drunk by 9:30am. Great times. Seeing the team come through on the duck boats and an entire city cheering and thanking these guys for doing what they do. They brought joy and happiness to the city of Boston. All day long people in Red Sox gear celebrating everywhere, long after the parade was over.

I've been here just one month and have experienced something that some people in cities haven't yet. Glad I was part of something so great. Now the Sox are done, I really don't have anything to watch on TV!! Guess I'll have to wait since my football team sucks, and my hockey team is rarely on TV here.

What will be the next big adventure in Boston? Who knows. Can't wait to see what's next. Boston Strong!